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Animal Abuse monograph



Understanding the Link between Violence to Animals and People: A Guidebook for Criminal Justice Professionals go to link
By Allie Phillips, J.D.




Animal Abuse monograph



Investigating & Prosescuting Animal Abuse:
A Guidebook on Safer Communities,
Safer Families & Being an Effective
Voice for Animal Victims 
go to link
By Allie Phillips, J.D. and Randall Lockwood. Ph.D.





Animal Abuse Task Forces
Compiled by the National Link Coalition go to link


Dogfighting Toolkit
for Law Enforcement

Addressing Dogfighting in Your Community, created by ASPCA in partnership with the COPS Office. go to link


State Laws
All animal laws go to link

Bestiality convictions triggering sexual offender registration go to link

Can incidents of prior animal or child abuse
be admitted as a prior bad act in a domestic violence case? go to link

Counseling laws for
convicted animal abusers go to link

Criminal Penalties for Exposing Children to Animal Abuse go to link

State Cross-Reporting Mandates by Profession go to link

Psychological Evaluation laws
for animal abusers go to link


State Manuals

State Manuals for including Pets in Protective Orders go to link



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