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Doing Justice: A Prosecutors Guide to Ethics and Civil Liability, Second Edition

Doing Justice imageDoing Justice: A Prosecutor's Guide to Ethics and Civil Liability, Second Edition, is an authoritative resource for practical, thorough and accurate information on a prosecutor’s ethical and civil liability obligations. It has been updated to cover amendments to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, new disciplinary and ethics advisory opinions, and new topics of interest to prosecutors.

The Second Edition of Doing Justice covers the following topics:

  • A Respected and Effective Prosecutor
  • Ethics 2000
  • Pretrial Dilemmas
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Media Relations
  • Ethics and Discovery
  • Contact with Represented Persons
  • Communication with Witnesses, Judges and Jurors
  • Ethics in Cross-Examination
  • Safe and Sound Jury Argument
  • Ethical Issues for Prosecutors on Appeal
  • Responding to Charges of Prosecutorial Misconduct
  • Prosecutorial Liability and Immunity Pitfalls
  • The Attorney Grievance Process - What Prosecutors Need to Know about Defending Against Grievances
  • Prosecutor’s Ethics Strategies
  • Ethical Considerations for Prosecutor Supervisors
  • Ethics: Perception and Reality

Note: This publication is out of print and is being updated. Check back for new edition.

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