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Update is the newsletter in which current issues of critical importance are discussed. Update provides prosecutors and other child abuse professionals with practical information and the reference tools to locate more complete, technical data on many issues. You may contact us to be added to our mailing list to receive Update in print. You may also view Update electronically on our website.

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Child Sexual Exploitation Update is the newsletter devoted to computer facilitated crimes against children.

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NCPCA publishes an on-line bulletin, Update Express. This allows for even quicker dissemination of important opinions or other relevant news.




Ending Child Abuse
New Efforts in Prevention,
Investigation, and Training

Learn the strategies to achieve the goal of ending child abuse!
Edited by Victor I. Vieth, JD, National Child Protection
Training Center, Winona State University, Winona, Minnesota;
Bette L. Bottoms, PhD, Professor, Department of Psychology,
University of Illinois at Chicago; Alison R. Perona, JD,
Inspector General, Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago, Illinois

The highly anticipated Ending Child Abuse: New Efforts in Prevention, Investigation, and Training presents an exciting vision: to end or significantly reduce child abuse. Respected social scientists and legal scholars discuss empirically sound short- and long-term multidisciplinary strategies that can be implemented in our society. Innovative and well-established concepts and approaches are clearly presented, such as specialized education, rational preventative methods, effective investigation and prosecution strategies, and the analysis of factors that influence law enforcement investigations and child abuse prevention efforts.

Copies can be ordered from
Publisher: The Hawthorne Press, Inc.


Medical, Legal, & Social Science Aspects
of Child Sexual Exploitation

A Comprehensive Review of Pornography,
Prostitution, and Internet Crimes

with Supplementary CD-ROM

This exceptional publication discusses ways to build multidisciplinary efforts to demolish businesses based on child sexual exploitation. This first-of-a-kind publication promises to be an invaluable resource for those around the world who have devoted their lives to rescuing children and holding child exploiters accountable for their actions.

Cost: $295.90
Publisher: G.W. Medical Publishing, Inc.
Copies can be ordered from G.W. Medical Publishing, Inc. go to link

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A Courtroom for All
Creating Child-and Adolescent-Fair Courtrooms

Child abuse cases can be some of the most challenging cases for prosecutors, law enforcement and child protection professionals; asking a child or adolescent to testify in court adds additional issues. This monograph outlines how you can create child- and adolescent-fair courtrooms. From child-fair oaths, to therapy animals, to how to handle a defendant who wants to cross examine the child victim, this monograph is your go-to guide on how to help child and adolescent victims feel comfortable and safe throughout the court process.



Overcoming Defense Expert Testimony in Abusive Head Trauma Cases

Abusive head trauma cases involving child victims can be some of the most challenging cases due to the nature of the injuries and medical expert testimony. This monograph details how to overcome defense expert testimony and effectively present your case.