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White Collar Crime

While rates of violent crime continue to fall across the country, the FBI reports that white collar crime – complex criminal schemes involving fraud and theft – is on the rise. Sophisticated criminals risk slipping through the prosecutorial net unless they are matched with specialized and talented investigators and prosecutors. NDAA’s White Collar Crime Program, through professional training and technical assistance, aims to equip law enforcement and prosecutors with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully prosecute white collar crime and emerging criminal schemes.


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April 10-11, 2013: mortgage fraud conference in Brooklyn, NY, with a live simulcast to Albany, NY. The conference was co-hosted by the New York Prosecutors Training Institute, the New York State Department of Financial Services, and NDAA’s White Collar Crime Program.


Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud logoOur nation’s volatile housing market created a prime opportunity for a variety of mortgage fraud schemes and collateral criminal activity related to vacant property. Fraud rates over the last five years have skyrocketed due to opportunistic criminals, institutional deficiencies, lack of information sharing, rent skimming, and foreclosure rescue and loan modification frauds.

NDAA's White Collar Crime Program provides training and technical assistance to state and local prosecutors, investigators, and allied criminal justice professionals combatting mortgage fraud and vacant property crime. Numerous trainings will be held throughout the country in 2013.

Please check this website for information on future trainings, or feel free to contact Sam Pellegrino anytime at


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