Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney

Location: Athens, Georgia

The District Attorney’s Office in the Western Judicial Circuit has an opening for a Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney. The following duties are normal for this position; other duties may be required and assigned:

  • Supervision of 8 ADAs in completing the following, as well as cover a limited case load.
  • Reviews reports submitted by law enforcement to determine whether further investigation is needed; approves or returns cases for more work; researches alternative crimes; reads and researches case law.
  • Drafts accusations and indictments; evaluates and researches potential defenses; negotiates pleas to dispose of cases; dismisses cases not prosecutable.
  • Develops trial strategy for each case, presents cases to grand jury; questions witnesses; answers juror’s questions; determines appropriate sentence recommendations; calls arraignment calendars; attends pre-trial conferences with judge and defense attorneys.
  • Subpoenas appropriate witnesses for motions; researches and argues all pretrial and post-trial motions; files motions in appropriate time frame prior to trial. Complies with discovery requirements by copying and mailing documents.
  • Training trial strategies and skills to ADAs.
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