October / November / December 2008


Highlights from the Prosecutor

In Profile: Richard A. Malone

How the FTC Can Help Local Prosecutors with Cases of Criminal Fraud

The Case of the Atlanta Courthouse Murders — A Drama in Five Acts

Tech Tips: The Case for Using, but Not Citing, Wikipedia


In Defense of the Death Penalty

By The Honorable Paul Cassell
The aims of this article are two-fold: to provide a brief overview of the underpinnings of the death penalty and to examine the new wave of administrative challenges to the death penalty

Forfeiture by Wrongdoing in a Post-Giles World

By Herb Tanner, Jr.
The author details how the concept of forfeiture by wrongdoing of the Sixth Amendment’s right of confrontation has been restricted by the United States Supreme Court, which set out the requirement that the defendant acted with the intent to cause the declarant’s unavailability.

Using DNA To Solve High-Volume Property Crimes In Denver: Saving Money, Lowering Crime Rates and Making Denver Safer

By Simon Ashikhmin, Susan Berdine, Greggory LaBerge, Mitchell Morrissey and Dawn Weber
The results of a project exploring the use of DNA in the investigation and prosecution of burglary crimes.

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