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Over 56,000 Drug and Alcohol Violations

A recent Transport Topics article concerning FMCSA’s new Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse has revealed some interesting information regarding drug and alcohol use by the nation’s truck drivers. Over 56,000 drug and alcohol violations were recorded in 2020 with most drug test failures (29,500) resulting from the use of marijuana. These violations indicate the value of this program, the need for law enforcement to continue to be watchful for signs of drug impairment without the odor of alcohol, and the place for drug recognition expert (DRE) call outs when probable cause for drug impairment exists.  See link above

“Please don’t forget to fix my logs, I have 1:51 left”

A trucking company owner was recently sentenced in United States District Court in Providence NH for having altered electronic entries actual drive time and on-duty time in service logbooks for approximately 20 drivers on thousands of occasions. The company owner was alleged to have provided falsified records to both a state trooper and FMCSA investigators following a fatal crash. This case highlights the need for prosecutors and law enforcement to remain vigilant to ensure the accuracy of driving records even in cases involving electronic entries. See the article here.

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