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Mastering Masking: Legal and Ethical Consequences of Plea Negotiations Involving Commercial Driver’s Licenses

On-Demand Learning: Mastering Masking Digital Course

On-Demand Learning: Human Trafficking and the Impact on Commercial Driver’s Licenses

On-Demand Learning: Not Just Traffic – Felony Convictions and the Impact on a Commercial Driver’s License

2024 Commercial Driver’s License Violations Conference: Enforcement, Prosecution, & Reporting – SOLD OUT!

The NTLC’s CDL team attorneys are available to conduct trainings that are tailored to the needs of your office covering a variety of CDL topics. From learning CDL basics to more substantive trainings such as Masking and Disqualification, our team is here to assist you. Please contact the NTLC directly by emailing Bella Truong for assistance. Be sure to put CDL Training in the subject line.


The National Traffic Law Center is proud to announce the From Roadside to Record training curriculum is now available for download. Many prosecutors, law enforcement officers, judges and clerks are unaware of the federal prohibition against Masking (49 CFR 384.226). As a result, charges against CDL holders are often improperly deferred, diverted, reduced or dismissed.

This course will improve the working knowledge of prosecutors and other stakeholders regarding the importance of the following: accurate issuance of traffic citations; capturing all pertinent license and vehicle data from the driver after an offense; prosecutor’s substantive and ethical review of the case; presentment of the case to the court without Masking, complete and accurate judgments of conviction, and the proper and timely recording of convictions. This will be done by utilizing Instructor and participant Guides, powerpoint slides, and the four From Roadside to Record videos to illustrate the responsibilities law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, clerks and state driver license agencies have in enforcing, prosecuting, and adjudicating CDL traffic stops in accordance with federal and state regulations.  This training will help ensure the attendees are fully prepared to work with their state agencies to properly and fully adjudicate and record convictions to eliminate Masking and meet the FMCSA mission of “One Driver, One License, One Record.”

The course can be found here

Any Questions: Please contact Staff Attorney Bella Truong.


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