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A monograph is a detailed, written study of a single specialized subject or an aspect of a single subject pertaining to traffic safety. The National Traffic Law Center (NTLC), in collaboration with many subject-matter experts from across the nation, has published a significant number of monographs to assist prosecutors, law enforcement, and other traffic safety professionals.


Admissibility of Horizontal Gaze Nystagmous Evidence

A guide to HGN admissibility with articles from a variety of experts in the area, most notably, leading HGN researchers and authors Dr. Marcelline Burns, PhD and Dr. Karl Citek, OD, PhD, FAAO.

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Alcohol Toxicology for Prosecutors

A guide to the basic principles of toxicology and the role of experts in this science.

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Basic Trial Techniques for Prosecutors in Impaired Driving Cases

Strategies and examples for new prosecutors handling cases involving impaired driving.

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Breath Testing for Prosecutors

Designed to educate prosecutors about the basics of breath testing theories and procedures.

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Challenges and Defenses II: Claims and Responses to Common Challenges and Defenses in Driving While Impaired Cases

Designed to assist prosecutors and law enforcement in understanding the nature of defense challenges.

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Commercial Drivers’ Licenses: A Prosecutor’s Guide to the Basics of Commercial Motor Vehicle Licensing and Violations, Second Edition (published 2017)

Explains the basics of CDL law.

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Crash Reconstruction Basics for Prosecutors

Serves as a primer for prosecutors on basic science, investigative techniques and what questions to ask when faced with a case involving a collision.

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Cross-Examination for Prosecutors

Developed to assist prosecutors in understanding the basic goals, methods, and forms of cross-examination when dealing with all witnesses.

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Distracted Driving CDL Enforcement for Prosecutors and Law Enforcement

Serves as a primer for prosecutors and law enforcement on the investigation and prosecution of distracted driving cases involving large commercial vehicles.

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The Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program

Designed to provide prosecutors with a basic understanding of the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program and the process used by drug recognition experts. 

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Drug Toxicology for Prosecutors

Designed to provide prosecutors with a basic understanding of drug pharmacology and testing.

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Hardcore Drunk Driving Prosecutorial Guide: A Resource Outlining Prosecutorial Challenges, Effective Strategies and Model Programs

Combines proven experience with research in the field of hardcore drunk driving and highlights effective strategies, tactics and programs that can and have been implemented to reduce the problem of hardcore drunk driving.

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Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus – The Science and the Law: A Resource Guide for Judges, Prosecutors and Law Enforcement

Designed especially to assist judges, prosecutors and law enforcement personnel in gaining a basic understanding of HGN, its correlation to alcohol and certain other drugs, other types of nystagmus, the HGN test’s scientific validity and reliability, its admissibility in other jurisdictions, and the purposes for which it may be introduced.

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Investigation and Prosecution of Cannabis-Impaired Driving Cases

Intended to provide a general overview of the investigation and prosecution of cannabis-impaired driving cases.

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Investigation and Prosecution of Distracted Driving Cases

Intended to provide a general overview of the investigation and prosecution of distracted driving cases.

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Large Truck Crash Reconstruction for Prosecutors

Designed to help prosecutors understand the factors that cause fatal large truck crashes.

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Overcoming Impaired Driving Defenses

A guide to the most common defenses in impaired driving cases.

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Prior Convictions in Impaired Driving Prosecutions

A guide focused on targeting hardcore impaired drivers by locating, obtaining, and using the prior convictions of impaired driving defendants.

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Prosecutor DWI Handbook

Designed to provide a comprehensive guide for prosecutors about the fundamentals ofa DWI prosecution.

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