Investing and Litigating Equine Neglect Cases

The investigation and prosecution of equine abuse/neglect cases commonly involve complex medical issues that are either missed by inexperienced investigators or mishandled by novice prosecutors. These types of errors create tremendous opportunities for the defense to undermine otherwise highly viable criminal cases. Be they issues about the application or admissibility of body condition scoring done at the seizure, uncertainty about the suitability of the conditions of confinement, or questions about the proper re-feeding protocol – once in the care of the state, equine abuse/neglect cases present a unique set of technical and medical issues that one must master in order to achieve the best possible outcomes in court. Investigators and prosecutors also need to understand the fundamental differences between handling equine abuse cases versus dog or cat cases. This webinar explains how law enforcement and prosecutors can fully address these distinctive issues to get the best possible outcomes for these noble animals.

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