Release the Hounds: Using Pre-conviction Forfeiture to Save Seized Animals from Re-victimization

Seized animals can languish for months or even years while a cruelty trial is pending, taking a toll on their well-being and jeopardizing their chances of future adoption. What’s more, the financial burden of caring for these victim animals can put an incredible strain on the caregiving agency, sometimes draining its resources to the breaking point. To this end, pre-conviction forfeiture is an essential tool in animal cruelty cases for prosecutors, caregivers, and victim animals alike. This webinar will examine a host of issues that arise in pre-conviction forfeiture practice: animals as “live” evidence, Constitutional challenges to the forfeiture process, strengthening existing forfeiture laws in your state, lien foreclosure v. forfeiture, and more. This webinar will benefit prosecutors, law enforcement, animal control, veterinarians and shelter workers.

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