When the Abuse of Animals Co-Occurs With Child Abuse

Children who witness harm to a companion animal may engage in aggressive behavior toward people and animals. Over 72 million American homes (63 percent) have a companion animal, making it important for child protection professionals to recognize that animal abuse is often a symptom of other violence in the home and that animals may be targeted to gain the silence and compliance of child victims. This Webinar will delve into the latest research and theories on this topic; discuss strategies for intervention, including successful multi-disciplinary team responses, talking with children about their experiences with animals, inclusion of animal-assisted activities to help maltreated children who have witnessed animal abuse, and programs to assist families with companion animals flee abusive homes and find safety, including Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T)™, a global initiative; and investigation and prosecution strategies. (No photos of abused animals will be shown in this presentation.)

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