Junior DA Program

Engaging Youth, Building Trust: A Model Junior DA Program

As prosecutors we are often faced with complex recruitment and community engagement issues, underscoring our need to continuously explore innovative approaches that extend our commitment to justice beyond the courtroom. To bridge this gap, we’re excited to introduce the Fairbanks, AK Junior DA Program.

Developed by the Fairbanks, AK District Attorney’s Office, the Fairbanks, AK Junior DA Program offers a proactive and engaging pathway for high school students to gain firsthand insight into the criminal justice system.

Through interactive sessions with community leaders and criminal justice practitioners, students gain invaluable insights into our roles and responsibilities, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the intricate workings of our justice system while inspiring the next generation of civic-minded individuals.

The benefits of implementing a Junior DA Program in your office are compelling:

  • Fairbanks District Attorney Joe Dallaire at the inaugural Fairbanks Junior DA Program graduation.

    Build Trust and Transparency: By inviting young people to see the criminal justice system from the inside, we demystify our work and cultivate trust within our communities.

  • Inspire Future Practitioners: Engaging with youth sparks their interest in civic engagement and criminal justice careers, ensuring a pipeline of talented professionals.
  • Foster Understanding: As participants learn about our roles and responsibilities, they become informed advocates for justice within their circles, amplifying our efforts.
Fairbanks Junior DA Program participants speaking with a judge in Fairbanks, AK.

To support other offices in the implementation of this transformative program, Fairbanks DA Joe Dallaire and his team developed a comprehensive handbook to serve as a roadmap to success for other offices to implement. This invaluable resource provides a strategic overview, community collaboration tips, and practical resources like schedules, activities, and promotional materials.

The Fairbanks, AK Junior DA Program is more than an educational initiative; it’s a vital investment in the future of our justice system and community relations. By empowering youth and fostering transparency, we strengthen the bonds between our offices and the communities we serve.

2023 Fairbanks Junior DA Program participants in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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