2020 Commercial Driver’s License Violations Conference: Enforcement, Prosecution & Reporting

Coming Soon June 2020!

The course, brought to you by NDAA’s National Traffic Law Center, is designed to assist prosecutors, law enforcement personnel, judges, court clerks, motor vehicle administrators, and other allied professionals with vested interests in CDL enforcement and public safety. By identifying where potential breakdowns in communication exist and identifying common misconceptions about CDL prosecution, we will be able to focus on ways to improve public safety, educate our enforcers, and save lives on our roads.

Topics Include:

  • Masking
  • FMCSA Efforts
  • Roadside to Record
  • On-site Level 1 Truck Inspection
  • Felonies and Commercial Motor Vehicles
  • Understanding Commercial Driver’s Licenses
  • Perspectives on Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement


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