Hardcore Drunk Drivers

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Hardcore drunk drivers, those who drive at high blood alcohol concentrations (0.15% or higher) or do so repeatedly as demonstrated by having more than one drunk driving arrest, are highly resistant to changing their behavior despite previous sanctions, treatment or education. They account for a disproportionate share of alcohol-related traffic fatalities each year.

Impaired driving cases are some of the most technically challenging and complex cases a prosecutor may face. These challenges only become more difficult when dealing with a hardcore drunk driver. These video presentations explore the issues facing prosecutors and others within the criminal justice system when dealing with these offenders.

Hardcore Drunk Driving Prosecutorial Guide: A Resource Outlining Prosecutorial Challenges, Effective Strategies and Model Programs

Combines proven experience with research in the field of hardcore drunk driving and highlights effective strategies, tactics and programs that can and have been implemented to reduce the problem of hardcore drunk driving.

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