Mastering Masking: Legal and Ethical Consequences of Plea Negotiations Involving Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Federal and most State law prohibits the “Masking” of convictions. Misconceptions continue to persist surrounding this statute’s mandate requiring the reporting of CDL/CMV violations and convictions and prosecutors’ discretion to negotiate these cases. Attendees will appreciate how the enforcement of this and other regulations combine to reduce injury and death by keeping unsafe commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders off the roads and assuring that each driver has one driver’s license and one complete driver’s record.

Mastering Masking is designed to be presented as a stand-alone training, or as individual modules to be added to existing trainings.  Subject to available funding, NTLC staff is available to assist jurisdictions that want to host this course.

For more information about Mastering Masking or to bring this course to your jurisdiction, contact: Jeanine Howard or Romana Lavalas.

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