On-Demand Learning: Not Just Traffic – Felony Convictions and the Impact on a Commercial Driver’s License

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Commercial Driver License holders have the privilege of operating 80,000 pound vehicles, and with that privilege comes greater training, licensing expectations and responsibility.  This training will focus on the consequences of a conviction, specifically a felony conviction, on a CDL holder’s driving record and how a complete driving record fulfills the “One Driver-One License-One Record” concept. It’s important to realize that if the defendant is charged with a felony and holds a CDL, there may be important consequences to his or her CDL, including disqualification of the license.  The training will also explain the role of law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, clerks and State Driver License Agencies in adjudicating a felony case with a CDL holder as a defendant, and the importance of ensuring the defendant’s CDL status and other pertinent vehicle information are documented at every stage of the case.  All traffic safety professionals, from roadside to record, need to work together to ensure that all convictions, including felony convictions, are recorded on the defendant’s driving record, ensuring that this record is complete and accurate, and thus adhering to federal and state law.


Bella Truong
Staff Attorney, NTLC
National District Attorneys Association

Bella has 12 years’ total experience as a prosecutor with 11 of those years served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office (Fayetteville, NC). She had a special focus on impaired driving cases for many years to include her time as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in Tacoma, WA. Throughout her career, Bella has provided training and guidance for multidisciplinary teams including training FBI agents on local laws dealing with human trafficking. Prior to becoming a prosecutor, Bella served in United States Army as a Military Intelligence Officer.


Attendees may self-submit this course for CLE approval in their home state. All attorneys are responsible for any fees associated with CLE filing. Attorneys seeking CLE credit should contact their state bar associations for more information. NDAA will provide supporting material for CLE application upon request.  General questions or additional information regarding CLE credit can be directed to cle@nationaljustice.org.

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