Un-Masking CDL Masking: Action Plan for Improved CDL Enforcement & Masking Avoidance

January 26, 2023

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET
120-minute presentation includes a Q&A session 

Commercial Driver License holders have the privilege of operating 80,000 pound vehicles, and with that privilege comes greater training, licensing expectations and responsibility. Federal and most state law prohibits the “Masking” of convictions. 49 CFR 384.226 states, in relevant part, that “The State must not mask, defer imposition of judgment, or allow an individual to enter into a diversion program that would prevent a CDL driver’s conviction, for any violation, in any type of motor vehicle, of a State or local traffic control law (other than parking, vehicle weight, or vehicle defect violations) from appearing on the driver’s record…”  Misconceptions continue to persist surrounding this statute’s mandate requiring the reporting of CDL/CMV violations and convictions and prosecutors’ discretion to negotiate these cases. This presentation will analyze the rules and regulations about CDL operators and the legal, as well as the often deadly, practical consequences of what happens when unsafe CDL drivers are allowed to operate commercial motor vehicles.


Jim Camp
Senior Attorney, NTLC
National District Attorneys Association

Jim Camp is a Senior Attorney with the National Traffic Law Center, focusing on Commercial Driver’s License related topics.

A nationally recognized authority on traffic safety, commercial drivers licenses, trial advocacy, prosecution and law enforcement issues, he is an in demand motivational and subject matter expert speaker. Jim served 17 years as Elected District Attorney in Wisconsin, and 9 years as Assistant District Attorney General and Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor in Tennessee, having practiced law for 40 years.

Mr. Camp has educated and provided authoritative advice to and for law enforcement, staff and command, prosecutors, legislators, committees, boards, traffic safety partners and private industry nationally. He has authored numerous articles on impaired driving and trial advocacy, and over 28,000 have heard him speak.


Continuing Legal Education Credits: 2.00 CLE Credit Hours

NDAA has applied for CLE credit in Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia based on state requirements and guidelines. All other attorneys seeking CLE credit should contact their state bar for more information. At the conclusion of the course and after completion of the electronic evaluation survey, all attendees will receive a uniform continuing education certificate that they may use to report their continuing education hours to their state bar or reporting agency. Questions regarding CLE can be directed to Courtney Jan at cjan@ndaajustice.org.

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