Virtual: Nazi Ideology and the Courts in the Third Reich

June 17, 2020

3:00 pm EDT
90-minute presentation includes a Q&A session

The Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council presents: Nazi Ideology and the Courts in the Third Reich.

This seminar will outline the major tenets of Nazi racial ideology and explore two case studies – the Nuremberg Race Laws and the illegal “Euthanasia” killing program. Prosecutors played a key role in state direction of court decisions and in transmitting the tenets of Nazi racial ideology to the courts, in particular the prioritization of the needs of the “national community” over those of the individual. This emphasizes the need for prosecutors to uphold a culture that safeguards democratic principles,including individual rights and the due process of law.

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Presented by:

William Frederick Meinecke Jr., Historian, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum


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