Virtual: Streamlining Trial Preparation and Strengthening Cases

February 17, 2022

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET
60-minute presentation includes a Q&A session 

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Are your prosecutors wasting time bouncing from system to system to get work done? Wasting more time downloading digital evidence from disks, thumb drives, and shared folders and then uploading that evidence back into third-party systems to create redacted versions, or make video clips? Manually stitching evidence together, piece by piece, into timelines? Sending audio out and waiting days or weeks for it to be transcribed?

As caseloads grow and discovery timelines get tighter, your prosecutors are under more pressure than ever, and the risks and repercussions of missing deadlines or not producing complete case evidence are high.

Register to join this webinar as we share best practices for streamlining trial preparation and strengthening cases. Learn how to empower your prosecutors by:

    • Enabling them to perform all essential trial preparation and case-building work in one system, including evidence sequencing/timeline creation, transcription, redaction, annotations, creating video/audio clips, sharing discoverable evidence, and more
    • Standardizing how evidence is received and shared through an end-to-end digital process
    • Making discs, USB drives, shared network drives and drop boxes folders is a thing of the past
    • Enabling them to automatically create timelines and put all types of
      digital evidence into context for synchronized playback
    • Helping them build and present stronger, more cohesive and compelling cases to juries
    • Providing a photobook capability that enables them to organize photos digitally for review and sharing
    • Enabling fast transcription at the touch of a button, at a fraction of the cost
    • Ensuring complete and timely evidence discovery through an end-to-end digital process with comprehensive tracking

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