Trial Advocacy

At NDAA, we are committed to providing training and resources to help prosecutors improve their trial advocacy skills and become more effective advocates in the courtroom.

Our training programs cover a wide range of topics such as opening statements, direct and cross-examination, closing arguments, and jury selection. We also publish a variety of resource materials, including books, manuals, and practice guides, to provide guidance on trial advocacy techniques and strategies.

Whether you’re an experienced prosecutor or just starting out, NDAA can help you improve your trial advocacy skills and advance your career. Join us today and become a part of our community of dedicated prosecutors who are committed to excellence in the courtroom.

Trial Advocacy Resources for Purchase

We also offer a Trial Advocacy Manual for purchase in our online store. Intended to serve as a best practice guide for prosecutors at all levels of experience, the manual is a quick reference for specific trial advocacy skills.

Trial Technique Predicate Questions are also available for purchase in our online store. The book contains a sampling of predicate questions to help get evidence admitted at trial.

For Trial Advocacy Manual and Trial Technique Predicate Questions orders of 15 or more, NDAA is offering a 10% discount off of the total cost of the book plus shipping. Those interested in orders of 15 or more should contact our office at


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