Prosecutor Advocacy

The National District Attorneys Association serves as
The Voice of America’s Prosecutors on Capitol Hill.

Through continued advocacy, engagement with criminal justice stakeholders, and solicitation of ideas and input from our members, the association can provide the prosecutor perspective on issues including human trafficking, traffic safety, drug policy, forensic science, domestic violence, electronic evidence, asset forfeiture, child abuse, juvenile justice and many more.

Each year, the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) meticulously crafts its policy priorities, which are unveiled at our annual Prosecutor Advocacy Conference.

For 2024, NDAA’s members have identified five essential themes that will steer their focus: Supporting Prosecutors, Bolstering Law Enforcement, Enhancing Public Safety, Maximizing Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Grant Funding, and Advancing Criminal Justice Reform. These priorities encompass a broad range of legislative activities, including the reauthorization of existing laws, reviving previous legislative efforts, and the innovative drafting of new bills.

NDAA President Charlie Smith Testifying Before Congress

In our ongoing commitment to keeping our members at the forefront of legislative developments, NDAA routinely provides comprehensive updates on key legislation aligned with these priorities as they progress through the legislative process. This year, we are excited to enhance our engagement through a series of informative webinars, designed to delve deeper into these crucial topics. To leverage the power of collective advocacy, NDAA organizes “Calls to Action” to galvanize support for specific legislative measures that resonate with our priorities, ensuring that the voices of district attorneys and prosecutors are heard and heeded in the corridors of power.

NDAA is happy to provide assistance in setting up meetings for prosecutors visiting Washington, DC. To contact Members of Congress and their staff virtually, NDAA’s Locate Your Legislator tool provides a state-by-state view of the key staff for your Congressional delegation.


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