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About Our Faculty
NDAA’s nationally renowned faculty consists of leading experts in the fields of violence against women, white-collar crime, traffic law, juvenile justice, gun and gang violence, elder abuse, drug policy, community prosecution, commercial driver’s licenses, child abuse, capital litigation, animal abuse, and much more.

Faculty are regularly asked to speak at our national trainings and conferences, as well as our customized trainings where they provide valuable insight into pressing issues and best practices. With extensive experience in law enforcement, prosecution, victim services, and more, our faculty are uniquely positioned to aid NDAA members in furthering their knowledge, and developing best practices, and expanding their peer-to-peer networks.

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NDAA Distinguished Faculty Award
Each year NDAA will recognize a distinguished faculty member who has increased education and furthered community knowledge in their field and who actively contributes and supports the mission of NDAA. Course, conference, and training attendees will be asked to nominate faculty members through their end-of-course evaluations. Criteria include length of service to NDAA, course feedback, and levels of member engagement. Nominations are accepted year-round, but nominations for 2024 must be submitted by 11:59 pm, Friday, January 12th, 2024. NDAA membership is required for award consideration and nominations are encouraged from all NDAA members.

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Please join us for NDAA’s 2024 Summer Summit in Boise, ID where we will honor the 2024 award recipients.

The NDAA Awards Committee will review nominations and select the finalist for approval by the NDAA Board of Directors. The award recipient will be notified by March 31 and will be recognized at NDAA’s annual Summer Summit.

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