Metro DAs Section

As the voice of America’s prosecutors, NDAA recognizes that no two jurisdictions are the same and each has unique characteristics that require a tailored approach to address community needs. In an effort to examine challenges that may be common across larger, more metropolitan jurisdictions, NDAA created a Metropolitan District Attorneys Section (Metro DAs) to provide a forum for those jurisdictions to share best practices, innovative ideas and common strategies on a wide variety of topics.

Through the Section, prosecutors from larger jurisdictions are able to develop a network of peers to address common issues, as well as share lessons learned with counterparts in smaller jurisdictions that may be looking to initiate new programming or initiatives.

Past presentations at Section meetings have included best practices for use of jailhouse informants, policies and procedures for officer-involved shootings, office administration issues when managing a large staff and many more.

Meet the Committee Chair: 

Spencer Merriweather, District Attorney, Charlotte, NC

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