Customized Trainings

In addition to our conferences and trainings at the international, national, regional, state, and local levels, NDAA regularly works with jurisdictions to provide customized trainings. NDAA is recognized as the leading source of national expertise on the prosecution function. NDAA makes resources available to support America’s prosecutors with a wide selection of topics including animal abuse, capital litigation, child abuse, commercial driver’s licenses, community prosecution, drug policy, elder abuse, gun and gang violence, juvenile justice, violence against women, white collar crime, hands-on trial advocacy, management issues, and much more. NDAA’s experienced program managers will design and manage a state of the art, comprehensive, and cost-efficient training for your jurisdictional needs.

A NDAA program manager will review your information, assess your needs, and contact you to discuss specific details for a formal proposal.

Past NDAA customized trainings include:

  • Strategic Cross-Examination and Witness Issues in Domestic Violence Cases
    The State of Alaska Department of Law Criminal Division – Anchorage, Alaska
  • Courtroom Technology and Jury Communication
    The State of Alaska Department of Law Criminal Division – Sitka, Alaska
  • Capital Litigation: Penalty Phase Training and Death Qualification
    Arizona Prosecuting Attorney’s Advisory Council – Phoenix, Arizona
  • Trial Advocacy for the Prosecution Team
    Harris County District Attorney’s Office – Houston, Texas
  • Domestic Violence and its Impact on our Community
    Attorney General’s Office of Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia – Truk, Chuuk State, FSM
  • Hands-on Trial Advocacy Courses
    United States Department of Defense, United States Navy – Jacksonville, Florida; San Diego, California; Norfolk, Virginia; Bremerton, Washington
  • Managing the Government Attorney’s Offic
    Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan (PAAM) – East Lansing, Michigan
  • The Prosecutor and the Media
    Essex County District Attorney’s Office – Salem, Massachusetts
  • Enhanced Leadership in the Prosecutor’s Office: Effective Management Strategies
    San Diego District Attorney’s Office – San Diego, California
  • Abusive Head Trauma
    State of South Dakota Law Enforcement Training – South Dakota
  • Childproof, Hands on Trial Advocacy Training
    Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys Advisory Council and Maricopa County Attorney’s Office – Phoenix, Arizona
  • Symposium on Campus Sexual Violence, Multidisciplinary Training
    Louisiana District Attorneys Association – New Orleans, Louisiana

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