Training Courses

Through the generous support of the American College of Trial Lawyers, NDAA is able to provide scholarships for approved NDAA course tuition assistance. Visit our Scholarship page for more information.

New discounts available! 10% discount for active military members and group discounts for multidisciplinary teams for certain courses. See course summaries for more detail.

Upcoming Training Courses

Prosecuting DUI Cases
Evidence for Prosecutors
Prosecutor 101
Trying the Child Abuse Case
Prosecuting Homicide Cases: Inside the Mind of a Killer
Career Prosecutor Course
NDAA/NCJA Grants Management Training
Executive Course
2019 Commercial Driver’s License Violations Conference: Enforcement, Prosecution & Reporting
2019 NDAA Summer Summit: Innovations in Prosecution
Prosecuting and Investigating Sexual Assault and Related Violent Crimes
Prosecutor 101 Fall
Office Administration Course
Forensic Evidence Course

NDAA will be holding our annual Domestic Violence Training Course in Phoenix, AZ this October. Check back soon for more details!

Affiliate Events

2019 NAGTRI Human Trafficking Summit
January 15-18, 2019
Carolina, Puerto Rico

National Elder & Dependent Adult Abuse Symposium
April 15-18, 2019
Anaheim, CA


Recent Training Courses

Executive Course for Prosecutors Trainings
CMV Violations: Enforcement, Prosecution, and Reporting
Prosecuting Sexual Assault and Related Violent Crimes
NDAA-APLAN Regional Opioid Training: Dallas, TX
Office Administration
NDAA-APLAN Regional Opioid Training: Salem, MA

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