Training Courses

As a NDAA member and the elected/appointed prosecutor in your office, when 3 or more participants from the same office register for a NDAA training, you each will receive a 10% discount.

10% discount for active military members and group discounts for multidisciplinary teams for certain courses. See course summaries for more detail.

Upcoming Training Courses

Not Just Traffic – Felony Convictions and the Impact on a Commercial Driver’s License
Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit—Working with Law Enforcement and Brands to Hold Bad Actors Accountable and Protect Consumers
Prosecuting in a Small Town: Navigating Through Conflict-of-Interest and Other Unique Challenges
Investigating and Prosecuting Sexual Assault
Wellbeing Webinar: Purpose Driven Practice
Managing the Media
Technology, Tools, and Resources to Combat Impaired Driving Cases
2023 Trial Advocacy Series – Cross-Examination
Evidence Issues: Voluminous Evidence in Complex Cases and Use of Technology
Ethics – The Impact of Your Choices
NDAA 2023 Wellbeing Resiliency Retreat & Conference
Understanding and Utilizing Forensic Evidence
Wellbeing Webinar: Getting the Most out of Stress: A Positive Reframing
Evidence Issues: The Confrontation Clause and Crawford
2023 Commercial Driver’s License Violations Conference: Enforcement, Prosecution & Reporting
CrimeCon, Citizen Journalists and Investigative Social Media – Considerations in the Age of True Crime Sensationalism
2023 NDAA Summer Summit – Addressing Violent Crime: Courtroom & Community Strategies
DEI: How to Identify Gaps in Your Office
Maintaining Professionalism in an Adversarial System
Use of Risk Assessments to Estimate Lethality
Brady/Giglio – A Path Toward Centralization and Standardization
Wellbeing Webinar: Acting with Purpose in the Practice of Law
Ethics: Balancing Justice and Victim’s Rights
2023 Trial Advocacy Series – Jury Selection and Opening Statements
Trauma Informed Best Practices for Survivors of Violent Crimes
Breaking Through Misconceptions – Prosecuting Child Sexual Abuse
Wellbeing Webinar: Navigating Transitions: Big and Small
Prosecuting Complex Gang Cases
NDAA’s Leadership Academy – Defining Leadership in Prosecution
DEI: Promoting and Implementing DEI Practices in Your Office
Wellbeing Webinar: Finding Your Personal & Professional Leadership Potential at Any Level
Talking to Cops: Effective Communication Techniques and Strategies to Strengthen Interagency Collaboration
Hardcore Drunk Drivers

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