Handling the Stress of Combating Animal Abuse

Do you work with animals that have been abused or neglected? Do you investigate or prosecute cases where animals have been tortured or killed? If you said yes, then you will invariably suffer from vicarious trauma at some point. Vicarious trauma is a type of emotional exhaustion that comes from observing suffering and trauma. No one is immune, yet it can be difficult to acknowledge when you are suffering. This webinar will take a holistic approach to recognizing the physical, behavioral, and psychological signs of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout. You will receive practical tips to help yourself and your staff stay strong and effective, so that you can continue to work on these cases and help our voiceless and vulnerable animal victims.Any investigator, prosecutor, or those working hands-on with abused, neglected or deceased animals will benefit from this free, 60-minute webinar.

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