Virtual: Standing Still Is Not An Option: Increased Productivity In The Prosecutor’s Office Through Enhanced Technology

April 27, 2022

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET
60-minute presentation includes a Q&A session 

As criminals increasingly incorporate digital technologies into their activities, recent estimates indicate that 80% of crimes now leave evidence online. For District Attorney offices, it is now imperative to adopt modern technology solutions designed to expedite and enhance the gathering and analysis of evidence from the massive volumes of open-source data. By automating upfront data searching and sorting, these technologies can free up prosecutorial investigators to do higher level analysis, enabling them to work more efficiently.

Leading DA and law enforcement offices across the U.S. are using Voyager Labs’ field-proven, AI-driven network and content analysis capabilities to search for, identify, flag, and export relevant evidence for investigations ranging from fraud and price gouging to narcotics and human trafficking. These solutions enable investigators to acquire actionable, previously unattainable insights by analyzing and understanding massive amounts of open, deep, and dark web data, all in a completely anonymous environment.

Join Joe Courtesis, former Commanding Officer of the NYPD Real-Time Crime Center, to hear real-world examples of how DA and law enforcement offices are using Voyager Labs technology to successfully fight the full range of crimes. Learn how your office can supplement traditional methods with new technology to exponentially increase the productivity of your investigative teams, elevate evidence quality, and ultimately close cases faster.

Unable to attend? Please contact for the on-demand version of the webinar. Note, this webinar is for government officials within the prosecution field only. Registration for this event is free!

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Joe Courtesis, Former Commanding Officer (NYPD Real-Time Crime Center)



This webinar is designed for prosecutors, paralegals, and other members of the prosecution team. Please note, this webinar is for government professionals only.

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