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Drugged Driving Video Series

Driving under the influence of drugs other than alcohol or drugs in combination with alcohol is now nearly as prevalent as driving under the influence of alcohol. The numbers of alcohol related fatalities continue on a slight downward trend while the number involving other drugs has been increasing rapidly.

To assist prosecutors and law enforcement officers the AAA foundation funded a grant that permitted the National Traffic Law Center to create a video series. These videos are intended to help prosecutors who are fairly new to the study of drugged driving to develop a basic understanding of the challenges they will face as they prosecute drivers impaired by drugs other than alcohol.


Introduction to the video series

Tom Kimball  4:11



Series One: Admissibility of Expert Testimony
Sarah Garner — “The Expert”  How to admit expert testimony, Part 1  5:25


Sarah Garner — “Qualifying Experts” Part 2  4:29



Series Two: The Toxicologist
Joe Jones —“The Toxicologist”  12:26


Joe Jones — “Tolerance”  10:23



Series Three: Courtroom issues
Jeff Sifers — “DUI Defenses Generally”  8:26


Jeff Sifers — “Challenges to DRE testimony”  6:31
A drug recognition expert or drug recognition evaluator (DRE) is a police officer trained to recognize impairment in drivers under the influence of drugs other than, or in addition to, alcohol.


Ashley Schluck — “Standardized Field Sobriety Testing” with the drug impaired driver 2:45


Ashley Schluck — “Missing Signs or Symptoms”  4:18



Sarah Garner — ”Refusals” after Birchfield  4:40


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