Equipping Prosecutors for the Fight Against Human Trafficking in the Commercial Motor Vehicle Industry

By: National Traffic Law Center Staff

As prosecutors, we are entrusted with the profound responsibility of safeguarding society against some of its most formidable challenges. Among these, human trafficking stands as an insidious crime that often lurks hidden within the very fabric of our daily lives. Our collective role in seeking justice for victims and in contributing to preventative measures is paramount.

A significant front in this battle exists on our roads, exploited by human traffickers, and overlooked by many, until now. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), recognizing the strategic role of America’s 8.7-million-strong commercial motor vehicle (CMV) workforce, has launched a human trafficking prevention campaign targeted at the industry.

The initiative called “Your Roads, Their Freedom,” aims to empower CMV professionals with the knowledge and tools to identify and report instances of human trafficking. This campaign is a significant step forward in utilizing an untapped resource to combat this pervasive crime that posses a threat to transportation safety in every state across the U.S.

For us as prosecutors, understanding the context in which these crimes occur, and the complexities associated with them, is crucial for successful prosecutions. To this end, the National District Attorneys Association’s (NDAA) National Traffic Law Center (NTLC) offers essential training and reference services tailored to enhance our understanding and our ability to effectively prosecute these complex cases.

The NTLC provides on-demand Human Trafficking Training, which includes a focus on the impact on commercial driver’s licenses. This resource provides valuable insights and information that can be accessed at your convenience.  Additionally, the NTLC has published an in-depth article, “CDLs and Human Trafficking,” offering a deeper dive into the relationship between commercial driver’s licenses and human trafficking. These resources bolster our prosecutorial skills and our awareness of the tools available to the CMV industry to combat human trafficking.

The fight against human trafficking is multifaceted and demands a broad coalition. As prosecutors, we must stay informed about initiatives like the FMCSA’s “Your Roads, Their Freedom” campaign, and tap into resources such as those provided by the NTLC. As we bolster our knowledge and build connections across different sectors, we can collectively work towards our goal – a society free from the scourge of human trafficking.

Through education and empowerment, we can collectively keep the fight against human trafficking moving forward, together.

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