Chief Operating Officer

Location: Washington, D.C.

This is a hybrid position that will help us strategically and operationally to meet our audacious goal of creating a world where people can live and love free from sexual abuse and exploitation. This is a critical role at an important time in the history of NCOSE and for the movement defending human dignity, and as such we are excited to find the perfect person to help us all succeed.

This is a new role to help oversee the day-to-day elements of running the organization, and for accelerating the professionalization of the organization and building the infrastructure as we continue to scale and grow into an unstoppable team. NCOSE’s objectives are to dismantle the pornography industry; stop demand for sex trafficking and prostitution; and to create a safer Internet where youth can connect and thrive. We need someone with the skill set not only for today, but to create the foundation for the organization that we hope to become.

The ideal applicant will be a fast learner and highly adaptable, great with people, highly organized, and both process-oriented and strategic. They will be a self-starter, extremely detail-oriented, and have extensive management experience. We seek someone to partner with the President and CEO, who can manage a large portfolio of responsibilities that will enhance and improve our organization’s operations, culture, and approach.

We want people who like finding solutions to hard problems. We are an optimistic, passionate, forward-looking, and solutions-oriented global organization that is transforming the approaches to solving sexual abuse and exploitation.

The COO will translate our vision and strategies into an actionable business plan. The COO is responsible for ensuring that the company’s day-to-day operations are aligned with the business model and long-term goals.

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