Deputy District Attorney

Location: Kenai, Alaska

Looking for career advancement and new opportunities in a fun and exciting location? The Kenai District Attorney Office has the perfect situation for you! We are recruiting for a Deputy District Attorney. In addition to handling an active caseload of higher level offenses, this position will assist the District Attorney in the supervisory and administrative duties of the office, allowing you substantial opportunity to use your experience and knowledge both to help develop the skills of other prosecutors and to enhance cooperative relationships with community partners in criminal justice.

Kenai is one of Alaska’s mid-sized District Attorney Offices, currently employing eight attorneys and nine support staff.   The Kenai office prosecutes cases throughout the Kenai Peninsula, as well as several communities “across the Bay.”  In addition to serving the local Kenai court, the office also handles cases in the Homer and Seward courts, providing the opportunity for exciting travel assignments to these unique and interesting seaside communities.  The office is perfectly sized to allow ample opportunities to learn and grow from your colleagues, while still maintaining a close-knit family-like atmosphere.  The team mentality and strong sense of camaraderie are a couple of the many things that make “Fort Kenai”  such a great place to work, and were recently recognized when the Kenai Office received the “Team Award” at the 2017 Alaska District Attorney Conference.  The people in the office are great to work with, and do quite a bit together outside the office as well.  Who knows, you might even be the next winner of the “Golden Bootie” trophy for winning the friendly office competition to see who hikes the most each summer.

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