District Attorney

Location: Ketchikan, Alaska

The Alaska Department of Law is recruiting to fill the position of District Attorney in the Ketchikan District Attorney’s Office located in Southeast Alaska at the entrance to the Inside Passage. There are no counties in Alaska and the DA offices are part of state government. District attorneys are appointed by the attorney general, who is, in turn, appointed by the governor. This is a stable position, however,  that does not necessarily change with each administration. The last DA was there for over 25 years. The Ketchikan District Attorney’s Office consists of three attorneys (one of whom is the DA), one paralegal and two administrative staff. It covers the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, Prince of Wales Island, and Metlakatla communities in addition to covering juvenile matters in Petersburg and Wrangell.

In this position you would be responsible for assigning the workload, establishing office procedures and protocols, and setting the tone for the office’s relationship with law enforcement, the courts and the general public. The DA also handles a caseload in addition to administrative and supervisory responsibilities. There is significant trial work, including pre-trial motion practice.

The District Attorney position requires the ability to think critically and reason logically; the ability to communicate clearly verbally and in writing; the ability to lead legal professionals in a supportive team environment; the ability to manage both the legal and administrative functions of the office; the ability to organize, prioritize, and work effectively in a deadline controlled atmosphere; and the ability to manage numerous matters simultaneously.

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