NDAA Board Honors Departing Members

As part of the NDAA Board and Committee meetings, which took place from September 21-22 in St. Louis, MO, departing board members were honored for their service. Stephanie Anderson (District Attorney, 2nd Prosecutorial District, ME); Clay Bishop, Jr. (County Attorney, Manchester, KY); Joseph Cassilly (State Attorney, Harford County, MD); Dan Conley (District Attorney, Suffolk County, MA); Joshua Marquis (District Attorney, Clatsop County, OR); Robert McCulloch (Prosecutor, St. Louis County, MO); Mike Ramos (District Attorney, San Bernardino County, CA) and Mike Weber (County Attorney, Sidney, MT)  were recognized for their service to NDAA and the prosecuting community. Not present, but also acknowledged were Mike Blonigen, (District Attorney, Natrona County, WY) and Matthew Redle (County Attorney, Sheridan County, WY). NDAA President Jonathan W. Blodgett (also pictured) presented each departing board member with a small token of thanks, before the board stood to applaud the outgoing members.

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