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In 1985, the National District Attorneys Association recognized the unique challenges of crimes involving child victims and established the National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse (NCPCA). NCPCA’s mission is to reduce the number of children victimized and exploited by assisting prosecutors and allied professionals laboring on behalf of victims too small, scared or weak to protect themselves. NCPCA is a voice for the voiceless. NCPCA is dedicated to saving the lives of children who cannot defend themselves. To achieve its goal of enhancing the effectiveness of the investigation and prosecution of child abuse, NCPCA has articulated the following four objectives: 1) Host national, regional and local training on state-of-the-art basic and advanced training utilizing evidence based and victim centered practices; 2) Provide immediate, comprehensive technical assistance; 3) Develop and distribute publications on a range of child maltreatment topics; and, 4) Contribute to coordination efforts to improve resource delivery.

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As the nation’s most prominent and respected trainer, NCPCA sponsors a series of multidisciplinary national conferences and advanced trial advocacy courses for prosecutors, law enforcement, medical and mental health professionals, forensic interviewers, child advocates and allied professionals.

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Senior attorneys from NCPCA are regularly solicited to teach at national, regional, state and local child abuse conferences around the country and occasionally throughout the world.

NCPCA also works with jurisdictions to provide customized training resulting in a comprehensive and cost efficient method for providing updated skills for your communities’ child abuse professionals. NCPCA will assist with the development of the training conference, identification of appropriate faculty based on topics selected, and with program evaluation.

There are many services and products available to the frontline professionals who deal with child abuse, maltreatment, exploitation and computer facilitated crimes against children , and we constantly strive to better support the frontline prosecutors and allied child abuse professionals we serve and the children who are counting on us. If there is a product or service that you feel needs to be developed, please call, write or e-mail your suggestions.

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Recently, NCPCA created an E-Learning Center. The Center houses free online trainings regarding the best practices and procedures used in investigating and prosecuting child abuse cases. Currently, six trainings which focus on children testifying in court are available on the site. Soon new trainings in the form of audio podcasts, full length courses, and webinars will also be available.

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Each year, NCPCA receives thousands of requests from prosecutors and other allied professionals seeking assistance related to specific child abuse cases. NCPCA offers immediate assistance by providing substantive legal, medical and psychological research, deciphering complex medical or forensic evidence, brainstorming trial strategies, expert witness assistance, legislative review and statutory analysis.

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NCPCA publishes the monthly substantive newsletter Update, the Child Sexual Exploitation Update, and the web-based Update Express. NCPCA also publishes the two-volume manual Investigation and Prosecution of Child Abuse, 3rd edition. This book was originally published in 1987 and quickly became the authoritative text for handling criminal cases in child abuse.

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The comprehensive outline of post-Crawford cases was created by Allie Phillips, a senior attorney with NDAA’s National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse. The outline is updated quarterly by New Mexico Assistant Attorney General Joel Jacobsen. The outline is a cumulative compilation of cases with an easy to use index.

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