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In 1985, the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) established the National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse. Aimed at responding to an increasing volume of reported child abuse, NCPCA provides training, technical assistance and publications to prosecutors, investigators and allied criminal justice professionals on all aspects of criminal child abuse and exploitation.

NCPCA assists on all cases involving criminal child abuse. Criminal child abuse can involve physical, emotional or sexual abuse, neglect and child sexual exploitation. We collaborate with many organizations, including the National Child Protection Training Center which assists on civil child protection cases. NCPTC can be contacted by phone at 507-457-2890 or on the web at

An average caller may be a federal, state or local prosecutor requesting information on a medical, scientific or psychological topic. Or a prosecutor may want to speak to an experienced child abuse prosecutor about strategies for trying a child abuse case. Another common request is for information or transcripts about a particular defense expert. A professional association may also contact our office if they need a presenter for a child abuse training.

Depending on the inquiry, professionals calling NCPCA may speak with a staff attorney or senior attorney. Staff attorneys handle a variety of research and writing projects and provide technical assistance to child abuse professionals. Senior attorneys are experienced former prosecutors who present at NCPCA training courses as well as at other national, local, and customized trainings. They also provide technical assistance and research and write on a variety of topics.

NCPCA has a comprehensive library of scholarly articles and studies, practical aids and media items on over 200 medical, psychological, investigative and legal topics, including: Child sexual exploitation, battered child syndrome, head injuries, child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome, children in court, anticipated defenses and many others. NCPCA also has the nation’s only clearinghouse on criminal child abuse case law, statutory initiatives, Crawford outlines and analyses, court reforms and trial strategies. NCPCA also has sample motions and other practice materials that were developed by prosecutors in the field. Additionally, NCPCA has a large collection of materials on specific experts who testify in the area of child abuse, including trial transcripts. NCPCA also keeps a list of medical and law enforcement experts who may be available to consult on cases. NCPCA can provide assistance on all aspects of a child abuse case.

NCPCA publishes two newsletters, Update, and CSE Update (computer facilitated crimes against children) that can be accessed from this website. If you are a prosecutor and would like to receive our newsletters, you may e-mail NCPCA or call 703-549-9222. On the NCPCA website you may also read Update Express, an on-line publication that assists child abuse professionals keep abreast of new legislation, case law, and relevant news. Occasionally, NCPCA also publishes monographs on relevant topics in child abuse. Click here to check out our monographs. NCPCA also publishes the leading comprehensive manual for child abuse professionals, Investigation and Prosecution of Child Abuse, 3rd edition. To order a copy of the two-volume manual, contact Sage Publications.

We partner with the National Child Protection Training Center, the National Children’s Alliance, the National Child Advocacy Centers, the National Childrens’ Hospital Alliance, the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome and the Family Justice Center Alliance.

NCPCA is a grant-funded non-profit organization. NCPCA operates on grants from the U.S. Department of Justice. We are also funded, in part, by private donations from organizations and individuals from across the country interested in joining the fight against child abuse. Donate to NCPCA.

You can donate to NCPCA by clicking the donate link here. You can also read the following article outlining practical steps to end child abuse in three generations and disseminate it in your community.

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