The AniCare Approach for Treating Animal Abusers

In 1998, California became the first of now 32 states allowing a judge to order those convicted of animal abuse to undergo psychological assessment and treatment as part of the sentence. In response, the Animals and Society Institute developed the AniCare approach to assure the training of human service providers prepared to work with both adults and juveniles convicted of animal abuse. Since then, we have worked to supply trained therapists by conducting over 60 workshops around the country. We have created a demand for use of the AniCare model by working with law enforcement, animal advocates and those in the criminal justice system to let them know about the availability of a treatment model specifically designed for animal abusers. In this webinar you will learn about the goals and approach of the AniCare model and how it can be a useful resource in your work with people who abuse animals and in animal cruelty cases.

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