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The professional staff at NTLC is comprised of experienced prosecutors. Assistance is specifically provided in all areas of trial preparation, including methods to counter specific defenses. The staff regularly attends and presents at state and national conferences and trainings on all topics pertaining to the prosecution of traffic safety cases. The staff also facilitates the direct exchange of information among prosecutors, law enforcement, judges and other criminal justice and traffic safety professionals in the field to prevent duplication of effort. NTLC works daily with the various state Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutors (see below) as well as providing assistance directly to state and local prosecutors, law enforcement officers and other allied professionals.


Technical Assistance
NTLC focuses on providing direct assistance to prosecutors and allied traffic safety professionals working on traffic-related offenses and matters. Each year, NTLC receives hundreds of calls from prosecutors and other professionals seeking assistance with specific issues involving traffic offenses. NTLC’s support includes substantive legal research, understanding complex toxicological or technical evidence, consultation on trial strategies, expert witness assistance, legislative review and more.

Examples of that assistance include:

  • Building a proper record for the admissibility of horizontal gaze nystagmus and standardized field sobriety tests; how to counter a defense expert in toxicology, or how to obtain and use event data recorder information
  • Responding to challenges to the use and admissibility of breath test instruments, including breath to blood partition ratios, interferents to obtaining a proper breath test result and computer software.
  • Understanding issues involving commercial motor vehicle licensing requirements and the special rules for commercial motor vehicles.


Trial Assistance and Information
NTLC operates as a national clearinghouse of resources on various legal issues facing prosecutors, law enforcement officers and allied traffic safety professionals, including case law, legislation, research studies, trial documents and a directory of persons who have appeared as expert witnesses in the fields of breath testing, field sobriety testing, crash reconstruction, toxicology, drug recognition and many others. The information catalogued by the center covers a wide range of topics relating to traffic safety and legal issues, but with particular emphasis on impaired driving and vehicular homicide issues.

When prosecutors and law enforcement deal with challenges to the use of breath test instruments, field sobriety testing, blood tests, horizontal gaze nystagmus, crash reconstruction, and other evidence, the NTLC provides technical assistance and materials. Assistance is specifically provided in all areas of trial preparation, including methods to counter specific defenses.


Defense Expert Witness Data Base
NTLC maintains a comprehensive data bank of trial transcripts of defense “experts” who testify in cases nationwide. These transcripts are made available to prosecutors preparing to cross-examine one of these witnesses. NTLC also has other substantive material that may be of use for prosecutors preparing for trials with expert witnesses. The data base remains effective as long as prosecutors continue to send transcripts in which these witnesses testify. Accordingly, please remember to help your colleagues as they have helped you and send pertinent materials to NTLC.

Prosecution Experts
In our effort to assist prosecutors and allied traffic safety professionals, NTLC maintains a professional reference directory of prosecution experts. Some examples of areas of expertise are: Breath Testing, Toxicology, Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Crash Reconstruction, Drug Evaluation and Classification, and Commercial Motor Vehicles. For assistance in finding an expert for your case.


Below are just a few of the areas in which the NTLC maintains information. If you do not see a topic in which you have an interest, please contact NTLC directly to inquire whether information is available.

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST)
Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN)
Commercial Drivers Licenses and Vehicles
Frye and Daubert hearing materials
Breath Testing
Drug Recognition Experts
Alcohol and Drug Toxicology
Implied Consent
Constitutional Issues
Crash Reconstruction
Model Laws
State Law Charts

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Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutors
Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutors (TSRP) are generally current or former prosecutors who provide training, education and technical support to traffic crimes prosecutors and law enforcement agencies throughout their state. To find the TSRP for your state, download the current list here. go to link



City Of Phoenix DUI PowerPoint
Seeing is believing. If you don't use visual aids in trial, juries only retain 20% of what you say. The City of Phoenix's Attorneys Office designed a PowerPoint template with great visuals for all the key elements of an impaired driving trial. Powerful in front of a jury, and easily modified to fit the statutes of your jurisdiction.

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